Facility Management

Renova Pty Ltd offers several services for our clients to ensure they have a one-stop shop for all their day to day operations of management any facility big or small. Our aim is to ensure our clients benefit from safer, smarter and more efficient services that will improve their facilities, whilst, saving time and money. Renova has a comprehensive services range which includes:

Cleaning and Janitorial

Gardens and Grounds Management

Maintenance services

Maintenance Planning for 1, 5- or 10-year periods

Plumbing and Septic Management Services

Electrical and Maintenance Management

HVAC Efficiency and Operations

Pest Control

Building Occupancy Services

Risk Assessment Management

And More

If you don’t find your desired service here, please contact us.

What Are The Benefits Of Our Services?

Reduced risk
we will take responsibility to reduce all risks for our clients and the general public
we always comply with all Health and Safety laws, regulations and codes of practices.
all environmental service has risk assessments so we can reduce or carbon foot print and reduce the use of harmful products
Cost savings
we will analysis all products to ensure our clients benefit from the lowest cost without compromising on quality
Increased productivity
we take the responsibility of your maintenance and facility management so that you can concentrate on your core business
No disruption
we will ensure the all planned works will reduce any disruptions for our clients and their clients.
Real-time reporting
we will ensure that all area of the facility Management will be communicated to our client within 2 hours of finding an issue or completion of works.