Terms and Conditions


All our quotations are valid for 30 days and are subject to the following conditions. Acceptance of our quotation, whether be it verbal or written also involves acceptance of these conditions.


Renova Construction Group will quote on the Projects / Renovations according to but not limited to following requirements, these are:

• Specifications of the Client’s requirements on the project
• According to Australian Standards and other governing bodies, such as councils.
• Materials required for the Scope of Work and costs
• Trades and Labour to complete projects
• Timeframes that suit both parties
• According to external factors, such as weather and COVID.
• And other requirements that may be needed, however, will be explained to the client based on the Scope of Work specified.

Renova Construction Group will not commence work until the client has accepted the Scope of Work price quoted for the project in writing, email, by phone or verbally. Once verified that the client agreed to terms and conditions, then Renova Construction Group will commence work in a professional and timely manner in accordance with terms and conditions of credit and the conditions of contract specified herein.


All quotations are NETT prices for cash payment. A refundable deposit of up to 50% of the contract price may be required on acceptance of this quotation or where specialised sub-contracted labour or material is necessary. The owner accepts responsibility for the payment once instruction has been given by the owner or his/her agent to Renova Construction Group or its agent/s either by phone, fax, e-mail or in person to proceed with the work whether the original quotation has been signed or not. Where Renova Construction Group or its agent/s orders special items to fulfil this contract and the customer cancels the contract the customer remains liable for the retail price of the goods over and above the deposit held if any. On payment of the balance, materials will be handed over to the customer on completion of work and receipt of an invoice. Failure to comply with payment terms will void warranty and will incur a 10% surcharge. All materials remain the property of Renova Construction Group until full and final payment has been made.

i) If a deposit is to be paid it cannot exceed 10% of the contract price, except for orders of specialised sub-contractor labour and/or material.
ii) Renova Construction Group must be paid on completion of the work or when costs have incurred.
iii) Failure to make final payment under this contract on time will incur a late payment fee of 25% of contract price.


The owner shall supply adequate access to water, electricity, toilet and washing facilities at all times during construction. In the event that electricity and water are not supplied any extra cost incurred including generator hire, cartage, loss of time or additional labour shall be charged to the owners.


The quotation is based on an inspection of the site where the work is to be carried out or if no such inspection is stipulated, then upon the details provided in the tender documents. In the event that the contractor encounters latent conditions including that of underground cables or conduits or other artificial objects not reasonably foreseen or not disclosed at tender stage then any addition or omission will be treated as a variation to the contract price. All excavations will be undertaken by machine unless otherwise stated or stipulated.

a) This quotation for Building Maintenance work is, unless otherwise shown herein, based on construction on clear unobstructed areas.
b) Unless otherwise provided in this quotation, the owners shall clear all obstructions and provide a clear working area and access. If the owner fails to remove obstructions, then costs to remove, including equipment and labour costs at our normal hourly rate, shall be payable by the owners.
c) The owners shall be responsible for locating and notifying Renova Construction Group in writing prior to construction of the position of all underground obstructions including electrical and telephone cables, gas, water, storm water and sewerage pipes and any other service facility which is or may be affected by the construction and shall indemnify Renova Construction Group and its agents against any claims or demands made by any person or authority in respect of any damage.
d) No allowance has been made for concealed obstructions such as but not limited to rock, wire, pipes, tree roots, broken posts, foundations, thick or reinforced concrete, etc. which may be encountered. Any costs incurred in the removal of concealed obstructions including additional labour shall be payable by the owners.
e) The owners shall remove or protect any plants, ornaments, pipes, furniture, appliances, etc. which may be damaged as well as all rubbish. Renova Construction Group shall exercise all care but accept no responsibility. Any costs incurred in the removal of furniture, appliances, rubbish including additional labour shall be payable by the owners.
f) No allowance has been made for the replacement of rotten wood or faulty previous workmanship found during the fulfilment of this quotation. Any costs incurred in the replacement of rotten wood or the rectification of previous faulty workmanship including additional labour shall be payable by the owners.
g) Anything that cannot be seen is excluded from this quotation.


Unless otherwise provided for in the quotation the owners shall obtain any necessary permits and supply a copy of the permit and conditions on acceptance of the quotation to Renova Construction Group. If meeting the conditions incurs any extra costs these will be charged to the owners.


Renova Construction Group makes no warranty except those contained in this quotation and warranty by us is implied. You as the owner/client may make no claims against Renova Construction Group or its agents or employees in respect of faulty materials or workmanship unless you have first:

(a) Notified us in writing of each such alleged defect in materials or workmanship.
(b) Provided an opportunity for us or our representative to inspect each and every such alleged defect.
(c) Given written notice of all works which you claim to be necessary to rectify the work.
To the extent required by the Home Building Act, Renova Construction Group warrants that:
(a) The works will be performed in a proper and workmanlike manner and in accordance with the description of works or plans attached to this contract.
(b) All materials supplied by Renova Construction Group will be good and suitable for the purpose for which they are used and unless otherwise stated, those materials will be new.
(c) The works will be done in accordance with the Home Building Act, Australian Standards or any other applicable law.
d) The works will be done with due diligence and within a reasonable time.

The parties hereby agree that in the event of any dispute arising between them in performance of this agreement they shall not proceed in court or law but shall proceed by way of arbitration and shall be bound by the decision of the arbitrator.


Renova Construction Group shall be responsible for cleaning up the work area and removal of all debris including off cuts, cement bags and packaging left by Renova Construction Group only but shall not be responsible for the disposal of any rubbish. Renova Construction Group will not be responsible for the cleaning up where other contractors worked. Should skip bins be required the cost for rental thereof shall be for the clients’ accounts.


If any materials for the works as quoted are supplied by the customer, then the following obligations will apply to the customer:

a) The customer assumes full responsibility and liability for ordering the correct materials and must ensure they arrive on time; b) At time lost to Renova Construction Group due to incorrect ordering, faulty materials or late arrival will be charged at our normal hourly rate.
c) Renova Construction Group makes no Warranty on materials ordered or supplied by the customer.


If a variation is requested, then Renova Construction Group will provide a written quote detailing the works required. Not until the signed quote or verbal confirmation is returned to Renova Construction Group will the works commence. Due the nature of the construction industry at present, material prices on raw material are increasing with no to little notice, as material price increase, we will notify our client and a variation to prices may occur. Renova Construction Group will endeavour to minimise this where possible.


Additional to any statutory requirements all works performed under this contract is guaranteed by Renova Construction Group for a period of 90 days against defects in quality of workmanship. Claims must be lodged in writing within 7 days of first appearing to Renova Construction Group in the first instance. Renova Construction Group reserves the right to repair and make good any materials and labour required to fulfil this guarantee.

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