Open plan

If you think your house was not designed the way you want or even buying a house and have a concern about the living area design. We will turn your house to home at Renova. At Renova, our team can help you to redesign the living area to suites your needs. IT IS NEVER TOO LATE TO GET THE BEST…

Creating an open plan for your living area is not just to increase the value of your house but also give you and your children more space to execute your daily activity efficiently and comfortably. We deal with all types of houses and we remove walls to suit your needs. We focus on all small details where others do not. Our process involved structural engineer and got approval from the council on your behalf so you can relax and watch how we’ll execute your project safely and professionally.

Safety is our first priority before the commencement of any work. We conduct a risk assessment and look for all potential hazards that could cause risk to your family, our team, house, and your environment.

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